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Antoine Rousseau


Freelance experience and projects

Since January 2018
Strategia Communications (client in Toulouse, France)
iPad app (React Native, Redux) for a start-up
January—March 2018
La Brewlangerie (client in Toulouse, France)
e-commerce website (React, Stripe, Cloud Firestore) for this craft bread and beer producer
November 2017
Isabel Bibriesca (partner in Toulouse, France)
Designer portfolio (Ghost)
October 2017
Atelier Aïno (client in Marseille, France)
Mini CMS (React) for their website, with a custom backend to manage their list of projects and page content (Firebase)
September 2017
Baiya (client in Toulouse, France)
Front-end architecture and development (React, Redux, Flow, Protocol Buffers) of their SaaS B2B buying platform
July—September 2017
WeDo+ (client in Tahiti, French Polynesia)
Web (React) & mobile (React Native) “Le Village” app development
allowing families to organize themselves (common base with the Tribeez project)
April—May 2017
La Pagaie d'Aure (client in Saint-Lary-Soulan, France)
e-commerce website (React, Redux, Stripe) to book and pay downhill rafting tours
February 2016—June 2017
Tribeez (start-up project in Guadalajara, Mexico then Toulouse, France)
Web (React) & mobile (iOS & Android with React Native) app with an API (Node.js, Express, Firebase, AWS) allowing roommates of shared houses to organize themselves in real time with notifications
Pre-incubated project by Le Starter of La Cantine in Toulouse (pitch workshops, business plan)
March 2016
MAUM (client in Manzanillo, Mexico)
Showcase website for this art furniture designer
January—March 2012
Supercoloc (project in Toulouse, France)
Website for internal house sharing management (PHP via Symfony 2)

Employee experience

February 2016 to June 2017
Development of the Tribeez project (Guadalajara, Mexico and Toulouse, France)
Web (React) & mobile (React Native) application with Node.js backend (Express, Firebase, AWS)
September 2011 to October 2015
Web R&D engineer at Teads (formerly Ebuzzing) (Toulouse and Montpellier, France)
Cross-platform video player (TypeScript, HaXe, Javascript, HTML5, jQuery)
APIs & ad server (Python, Node.js, PHP)
Client dashboard showing campaign metrics to clients and agencies (Javascript via Browserify/Gulp)
May and July 2011
Web Developer for Cosmoz (Paris, France)
Development of the CMS using a custom PHP framework and Javascript/JQuery
December 2008 to July 2010
Web Developer at Netvibes (Paris, France)
Mainly worked on the Ecosystem (Zend Framework, Javascript/Mootools, MySQL)
Then Wasabi's SmartReader (Javascript/Mootools, PHP)
And also some R&D and widget development (UWA)
June to September 2007
Assistance Technician at Inter-Mutuelles Assistance (Niort, France)
Roadside and residency emergency assistance
February to May 2007
Internship at Napier University (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Creation of a mathematics tutor for primary kids (Flash, XML)
April to June 2006
Internship at the University of Teesside (Middlesbrough, England)
Worked on GPS applications for mobile devices (C#)
February 2004
Internship at Aldata Solution (Paris, France)
Worked on the Intranet (PHP programming)


2003 — 2004
First year of the Paris XI Computer Science Engineering Institute
IFIPS/Polytech Paris-Sud (Orsay, France)
Baccalauréat Scientifique (equivalent to high school diploma of science) with honours
Lycée Notre-Dame (Fontenay-le-Comte, 85, France)

Web development skills

React Native
Javascript/ES7, React, HTML5/CSS3, Grunt/NPM/Webpack/Browserify, jQuery
Node.js, Python, Nginx, PHP 5 & Symfony 2
MySQL, NoSQL/Firebase/Firestore
Operating systems
MacOS, Linux (Debian)
Git, VS Code, bash/zsh, Slack, Trello, Photoshop


Fluent (2 years spent in total in English-speaking countries & daily work in English)
Mother tongue
Fluent (2 years spent in total in Latin America & Mexican partner)

Other skills

French driver's licence
First Aid training

Extracurricilar activities

Sports (amateur)
Skiing and snowboarding, Swimming, Volley-ball, Horse riding, Bicycling
Personal interests
Cinema, Internet & technologies, Travels, Cooking