Antoine Rousseau

33 years old

Freelance experience and projects

  • May 2019
    3X Consultants (client in Toulouse, France)

    Architecture and development of a B2B Web app allowing to connect and import files (React, TypeScript, Material UI, Protocol Buffers).

  • February—April 2018
    Le Bikini (client in Toulouse, France)

    Architecture and development of the new website for Toulouse's most iconic concert hall (GatsbyJS/React, TypeScript, styled-components, Node.js, Algolia, Netlify, AWS).

  • January—December 2018
    Strategia (client in Toulouse, France)

    iPad app (React Native, Redux) for Yiango

  • January—March 2018
    La Brewlangerie (client in Toulouse, France)

    e-commerce website (React, Stripe, Cloud Firestore) for this craft bread and beer producer

  • November 2017
    Isabel Bibriesca (partner in Toulouse, France)

    Designer portfolio (Ghost)

  • October 2017
    Atelier Aïno (client in Marseille, France)

    Mini CMS (React) for their website, with a custom backend to manage their list of projects and page content (Firebase)

  • September 2017
    Baiya (client in Toulouse, France)

    Front-end architecture and development (React, Redux, Flow, Protocol Buffers) of their SaaS B2B buying platform

  • July—September 2017
    WeDo+ (client in Tahiti, Polynésie française)

    Web (React) & mobile (React Native) “Le Village” app development allowing families to organize themselves (common base with the Tribeez project)

  • April—May 2017
    La Pagaie d'Aure (client in Saint-Lary-Soulan, France)

    e-commerce website (React, Redux, Stripe) to book and pay downhill rafting tours

  • January 201 to March 2017
    Tribeez (project in Guadalajara, Mexico)

    Web (React) & mobile (iOS & Android with React Native) app with an API (Node.js, Express, Firebase, AWS) allowing roommates of shared houses to organize themselves in real time with notification Pre-incubated project by Le Starter of La Cantine in Toulouse (pitch workshops, business plan)

  • March 2016
    MAUM (friend in Manzanillo, Mexico)

    Showcase website for this art furniture designer

  • January—March 2012
    Supercoloc (project in Toulouse, France)

    Website for internal house sharing management (PHP via Symfony 2)

Employee experience

  • September 2011 to October 2015
    Web R&D engineer at Teads (Toulouse & Montpellier, France)

    Cross-platform video player (TypeScript, HaXe, Javascript, HTML5, jQuery) APIs & ad server (Python, Node.js, PHP) Client dashboard showing campaign metrics to clients and agencies (Javascript via Browserify/Gulp)

  • May and July 2011
    Web developer at Cosmoz (Paris, France)

    Development of the CMS using a custom PHP framework and Javascript/JQuery

  • December 2008 to July 2010
    Web Developer at Netvibes (Paris, France)

    Mainly worked on the Ecosystem (Zend Framework, Javascript/Mootools, MySQL) Then Wasabi's SmartReader (Javascript/Mootools, PHP) And also some R&D and widget development (UWA)

  • October 2007 to February 2008
    Web developer at TheBroth (Perth, Autralia)

    Development of the PuzzleBee Facebook game (PHP, MySQL, FBML/FBJS)

  • June—September 2007
    Assistance Technician at Inter-Mutuelles Assistances (Niort, France)

    Roadside and home emergency assistance

  • February—May 2007
    Internship at Napier University (Edinburgh, Scotland)

    Creation of a mathematics tutor for primary kids (Flash, XML)

  • April—June 2006
    Internship at Teesside University (Middlesbrough, England)

    Worked on GPS applications for mobile devices (C#)

  • February 2004
    Internship at Aldata Solutions (Paris, France)

    Worked on the Intranet (PHP programming)

  • Summers 2003 to 2006
    Tourist guide at Embarcadère de la Venise Verte (Le Mazeau, France)

    Boatman on the Green Venice


Web development skills

  • Front-end
    JavaScript/ESnext, React, HTML5/CSS3, NPM, Webpack, Gatsby, etc.
  • Mobile
    React Native
  • Backend
    Node.js, Python, Nginx, PHP 5 & Symfony 2
  • Databases
    MySQL, NoSQL/Firebase/Firestore
  • OS
    MacOS, Linux (Debian)
  • Tools
    Git, VS Code, bash/zsh, Slack, Trello, Photoshop


  • Spanish
    Fluent (2 years spent in total in Latin America & Mexican partner)
  • English
    Fluent (2 years spent in total in English-speaking countries & daily work in English)
  • French
    Mother tongue

Extracurricilar activities

  • Sports (amateur)
    Skiing and snowboarding, Bicycling, Swimming, Volley-ball, Horse riding
  • Personal interests
    Cinema, Internet & technologies, Travels, Cooking